How it all started....

“The Ultimate Whisky Company” was created in 1994 when Han and Maurice van Wees started to select their finest casks of Single Malt for bottling. Only the best casks were good enough for “The Ultimate” and in the beginning they even made miniatures which were in immediate demand by collectors around the world. Because the whisky is bottled non-chill-filtered, all the original flavours remain inside and because no caramel is added, the colour always corresponds with the originating cask. An “honest Single Malt” according Van Wees standards. The Ultimate assortment consists of about 25 different bottlings, from all the regions of Scotland.

Each bottle is numbered and all cask details are mentioned on the label.
In addition to the 46% non chill filtered and cask strength version there are also some "Rare Reserve" bottlings.

Since 1994 more than 750 Malts have been released under The Ultimate label.
A complete list can be found at the "Bottling History" section of this website.



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