Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Natural Color Non Chillfiltered

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How it all Started

“The Ultimate Whisky Company” was founded in 1994 when Han and Maurice van Wees started selecting their finest casks of Single Malt for bottling.

only the best casks

From sample to bottle

Every Ultimate bottling starts with tasting cask samples in the warehouse as well as in our own office to make sure the quality is up to Ultimate standards. And then it all comes down to years of experience and recognizing a good malt with the potential of becoming a good bottling. “The Ultimate” whiskies are bottled without chill filtration, with the intention to keep all the original flavours inside. True to our philosophy, we want to offer the Ultimate whisky with the best quality possible for an affordable and honest price.

“An honest and old fashioned quality single cask, single malt” according to the Van Wees standards, as they have been set by Han and Maurice van Wees so many years ago.

1000+ bottlings since 1994

All bottles are numbered and on every label you can immediately see the distillation- and bottling date, the actual age, the cask type and the cask number.

Single Malt

Numbered Bottles

Distillation Date

Cask Type

Current bottlings

Area /Name Dist year Age % Cask type Cask no.
From the Highlands :          
Ardmore 2010 10 57.5 bourbon barrel 800520
Ballechin 2009 11 59.4 refill sherry butt 181
Dailuaine 2008 12 46.0 bourbon barrel 800058
Glen Ord 2011 8 46.0 bourbon barrel 800317
Glencadam 2011 9 46.0 bourbon barrel 800145
Linkwood 2008 12 46.0 hogshead 803621
Mortlach 2009 10 46.0 bourbon barrel 800204
Pulteney 2008 12 56.3 sherry butt 19
Royal Brackla 2009 11 46.0 first fill bourbon 307020
From Islay :          
Bunnahabhain Staoisha 2014 5 59.3 dechar/rechar 10573
Bunnahabhain Staoisha 2014 5 46.0 dechar/rechar 10564
Bunnahabhain Moine 2011 7 58.1 hogshead 704499
Caol Ila 2008 12 57.3 hogshead 318598
From Orkney :          
Unnamed Orkney 2006 13 46.0 hogshead 17/A65#11
Whitlaw 2014 5 46.0 dechar/rechar 437
Rare Reserve :          
Mystery Speyside 1966 46 43.3 hogshead 3337

Bottling History

Download the complete list of all released bottlings untill now.